a note on the process

What you see when you visit "as one does...," journeys, or "slow light..." on spherical tabby is the current revision of a collaborative file that resides in "the cloud." Each of the collaborators is free to revise that file by adding, editing, reorganizing -- anything one can do with a typical word processing file. The revision shows up almost immediately on spherical tabby. As one of the collaborators said early in the process, this is a bit like an exquisite corpse with visible submissions. But it departs from the "traditional" corpse in that every participant can not only add lines but also treat the entire poem as his/her own. One effect of this is that the current revision you see on screen may sometimes look very much like a poem written by the collaborator who last edited it. So the poem can change dramatically from one viewing to the next. But it can also change in more subtle ways -- the replacement, subtraction, or addition of a single word, for example, or a change in punctuation. We think the result is an interesting window on the process of revision as well as the process of collaboration. One of the things we are looking for is the emergence of a common voice that preserves the individual voices of the contributors -- a choral composition. We are also interested in using freely available tools to facilitate collaboration among poets and other artists. We hope you find the experiment interesting, and we welcome your comments.