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nothing from the heart

1 ripples of colours racing hysterically against dark sky works of fire, smoke-flowers for the romantique the red one is a rose, says little prince from nothing springs out nothing a small image at first, always from the heart bursts from a point in time as if time actually existed from a tiny curl in the back of your head an explosion sets off down it runs to the nape of the neck round the tip of the nose down again to finger tips expanding into sleepless nights waking dreams, senseless pains no turning back like the growth of a rose it grows blooms, wanes, fades, like any rose is it really a rose, could be a drop of blood falling onto water, swimming out, changing shapes caught somewhere in time blood no more but not nothing anymore no turning back now that the flowers have gone traces of smoke and clouds then this part of the sky dark and silent like before nothing now nothing here but never nothing anymore a-rose-is-a-rose-is-a-rose_20x20_1920 2 nothing from nothing, no point in time, no singularity bursting ever after in a universe there before your eyes, before you make something of this and that, no turning back no turning no turning and yes, it could. nothing is the only thing that is the same always. nothing is the same, always nothing is ever the same, no rose is a rose alone, no rose is a rose is a rose by any other. where have all the flowers gone? nothing but traces nothing always like nothing you’ve ever seen. now no there there no then here neither here nor there, it could be nothing it could be that it rose yes, it could be that -- a rose rose red like my love, nothing like my love. Debby Sou Vai Keng, Macao Steven Schroeder, Chicago a note on the process

slow light: a collaborative poem

slowshiningnothingnotathing but light space time enough to make Elvises of our selveses the secret is to be not to be like be-nothing-between-all-with-every-every-new-beginning-be-have-you-this-way-going-and-to-where-light-trembling-all-has-been-slowshiningnothingnotathing-but-lightspace-time-enough-like-the-beginning-of-every-end of every Jesus of every Elvis of every Nixon of every Zhou of every John of every Yoko of every Tom of every Dick of every Harry of every one of every end a new beginning a new head line a new head start a new head over heels a new Energizer Bunny munching fried Twinkie with pickles nothing under the sun same old same old atavistic ataboyism singing which of these things is not like the other... yes new a new a new and what remains… is the in-evit-able Abel so... and therefore Cain a new a new a new and what remains is ever ever just the worshipping the pleasepleaseplease oh see me see me oh see me on Facebook oooh see my updated photo see my new baby oh see my bod see my mien see my uncle in his basement see my 50 new friends see my heart attack see my 8 new words -- I am going to go to sleep now see my prayer oh Lord look at me! look at me! look at me just seeee me ElvisJesusGagaElvisJesusBieberElvisGod see me says Cain, so desperate to win by offerings of produce, ferGod’sSake as Abel offers bloody animals while prophets warn what’s really wanted here is MercyMercyMercy, boys and girls or everytime you turnaround there you are in Memphis once again reminded only of your own only image of the only real in true QUADROPHONIC… between you and me, Zhou, it was all downhill after that photo op with Nixon a handshake like the beginning of every end… produce offerings produce penguin dust, I need I need I need penguin dust bring me bring me peace on Facebook bring me all eyes on me bring me slowlight drowning in the water bring me the romance of me beginning that slowlight our givable… dance-every-turn-again-own-own-truesay… be-nothing-between-all... with-everynew… everyevery-newbeginningnew.. new-Twinkiepickles-new-whenever-meme… win-bloody-prophets-heretherebenot-bribes nor BribesOfFrankenstein.. new-next-haveyou...haveyouthiswaygoing-and-to-where ? no-slow-out-you-me-turn-tails-all… slowshining-not-a-thing-but-time-enough... or this is the way the world ends those cats just keep going and going, Mao, and the question Joe, is are you are.. or is you ever been… are you hey, ZhouZhou where you gonna go? whoa, no, Zhou, don’t blow shine on your innerElvis, shine it slow play out your best EastWest best WesternEast slow dance til you be me and me be u and conflicts meld like puddles tigers turn into from chasing one anothers’ tails tales told by (you know the rest… full of sound and fury, tale after tale for Music rises higher than money than our piratic age of Vampire Squids than a kid from Tupelo, you know? MoneyMusicVampireMercyNo...flower-nearest-light-light-rattled-go trembling-go-beyond-beyond-go-Zhou...ZhouElvisShmelvis-NothingToSayNow ButMercyMercyMercyBoysAndGirls… mercy! if you can’t dance without making an Elvis of yourself, why dance? --now be clear about it say it in 6 words on Facebook a couple of Twitters in waltztime and a finger to Buddha and Bo tell them it’s time out for jitterbugging to the John nothing more to say-- nothing to say but raise a flower astound the girl next door slowshining no thing just time --no time, no argument no time for argument-- just in time in the shadow of the nearest Bo in broken shadows’ slow light through the Bo through rattled branches of the trembling Bo shade/light and nothing/something, there they go… slow shining even though… beyond the Thus-Gone-One, the Buddha, Yo! Beyond all Elvises, all Nixons. So. Past even Zhou… just let it be. blow, Joe. --no time to argue, post your Bo & blow on FB, post your So and Go on Facebook, post your know on me-- me-- the nearest Bo casting a shadow may not be a tree and if it’s you you want to know play with Zhuangzi, butterfly --oh see me flutter on Facebook-- Just Quadrophonic Mercy, Let It Be! to be be be some and no thing to be the end and yet began the end working to say the sayable answer any never was there a question? any never was there as never any answer in light space time enough time and again… slow shining shining slow --see me shine on Facebook…. stop croaking, nobody, and dance for gods’ sake the secret is there is no (upper case) secret or cats that know don’t tell cats that tell don’t know and nobody knows who is dreaming I’m dreaming, love not I David Breeden, Minneapolis Helen Degen Cohen, Deerfield Charlie Newman, Chicago Steven Schroeder, Chicago Suzanne Seed, Chicago a note on the process