huichun liang | 沙漠

我们已到达大地的尽头, 干粮和汽油也已耗尽。 这里土质敦厚而均匀, 没有风来吹拂,也没有植被。 平顶山,一座一座, 置放在静谧中。 崖壁沙一道,石一道, 一层深红,一层黄褐。 大地开裂了胸腔, 蓝天中,大气摇曳而膨胀。 我们没有话, 也没有行动。 沙漠无垠, 地平线上, 光是一道镶边, 在天地之间。
Huichun (Amy) Liang (梁慧春) is a Lecturer in Chinese language and literature at the University Of Missouri. She is the co-author (with Zhanjing) of Chinese Idioms and co-translator (with Steven Schroeder) of Small (poetry by Li Nan). Her translations have appeared on the Transparent Languages multimedia web pages and dictionary, in Sichuan Literature, and Rhino; and her writing has appeared in Da Gong (Hong Kong), Sing Tao Daily (US), and a variety of media in the People's Republic of China. Huichun was an editor and reporter of the Central People Broadcast Radio Station of PRC. She received a special award for attending the reportage on the Terrible Forest Fire on Da-Xing-An Mountain in 1987 from China National Journalists Association and received the award for the “1987 Best Annual News-Editing” from the Central People Broadcast Station of the PR China.