joseph trombatore | inside the hive

I land safely near the entrance; the guards greet me as one of their own. Further in I see their crowning achievement - a maze of hexagons; nurses feeding the young, some capped off; awaiting the birth of their fully developed kin. Like Herod Antipas I am met with Salome - veils, wings, so much gold everywhere; & dancing, endlessly, dancing. I am hypnotized, drunk, drugged into a foreign rhythm I cannot escape. Their kisses are sweet, at first. What they want of me I am not sure; shake for me girl, My camouflage gives me away. They could ask anything of me. I would obey. Then suddenly, like Bullet Ants woven into a pair of gloves, I feel their judgment upon me. My body burns, stiffens. They begin to weave me in gold, tear my heart out; place jewels where my eyes once were. I am carried away like a Pharaoh. My name is wasp, Yellow Jacket!
originally appeared in: JASAT, Volume 39.
Joseph Trombatore is author of Screaming at Adam, Wings Press, 2007.