ken hada | last night on the beach

Last night on the beach a curvy, dark-skinned lady whirls, tip-toes before soft-landing surf. The sun has set, but it is not yet dark. A candy-red top hangs loosely above modest white shorts, bare feet celebrating the discovery of sensuous waves. Her hair is tied up exposing her strong black neck. She glances a few times over her shoulder at the panoramic sea foaming behind her. She is aware she is being watched. Self-consciously she smiles but she’s no exhibitionist. She spins, then settles softly into sand just the way she feels it – just the way he wants it – her husband brings his camera close. She freezes before a blinding flash, then they look to see what image has been found, what beauty she reflects – then walk away. Unending waves pull them, caressing shore with tenderness I have rarely seen.
Ken Hada, from Ada, Oklahoma, is a poet and professor at East Central University where he directs the annual Scissortail Creative Writing Festival. Ken finds inspiration for writing in nature. Raised in the rural Ozarks, with close ties to his Hungarian ancestors in the gypsum hills of northwest Oklahoma, he finds the natural order a powerful presence for writing. His award-winning books include The Way of the Wind, Spare Parts and The River White: A Confluence of Brush & Quill. A popular reader of his work, Ken also contributes regularly to the poetry blog: All Roads Will Lead You Home. Visit his website at