loretta diane walker | poetry’s assassination

Poetry’s assassination was not in the newspaper this morning nor did I see a script of its demise scrolling at the foot of CNN’s news broadcast. But I was told it is dead—dead as Latin. Could it have accidentally drowned in the small lake where poets fish? Could the media have missed its exhumation? I doubt if it was suicide. It would not hang itself with rhythmic phrases or overdose on syntax or imagery. I cannot imagine poetry cutting into its soft wrists until the blood of alliteration drained, leaving it lifeless. I could not find its multi-faceted face in an obituary anywhere. Wonder if there is an autopsy on record somewhere, waiting in a “to be filed” box before its official release. I don’t know the origin of this rumor, but I was told poetry is dead— dead as Latin. Poetry (poetica) is not dead (decessus)! It lives. I saw its round belly protruding through my neighbor’s red blouse; she thinks it is a boy, but it is poetry.
"Poetry's Assassination" was first published in The Poetry Society of Texas Book of the Year Prize Poems (2008) and also is published in Loretta’s book Word Ghetto (1st World Publishing, 2011).
LorettaDianeWalkerLoretta Diane Walker is a Pushcart nominee and an award winning poet. She has published two collections of poetry. Her manuscript Word Ghetto won the 2011 Bluelight Press Book Award, (1st World Publishing Press, 2011). Walker’s work has appeared in a number of publications including The Concho River Review, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Illya’s Honey, Orbis International Journal, San Diego City Works Press, and most recently Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku & Haiga and The Texas Observer. She teaches music at Reagan Magnet School in Odessa, Texas. Loretta received a BME from Texas Tech University and earned a MA from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.