matthias regan | on winging it

Batman likes the feel of leather.         O yes he does! O yes he does! When Joker tickles his nose with a feather         Go get er! Go get er! he slaps it down. & he remembers         Swing batter! Wing it! his devilish devotion every time.         Splatter it! Splatter it! This life of fighting crime         You know he does! You know he does! may well have been ill spent.         It matters! It really matters! Frequently, the Batman repents         You know he does! You know he does! but always it returns, the old wound         No applause, please! No applause! the nightmare by which we're bound         Read the clause! Read the clause! to find it all so bitter.         Yes he does! You know he does! The thing about Batman: he's no quitter.         Fuck the law! Fuck the law! He'll slap the Joker down, slap down         No matter! No matter! a thousand Jokers. In the house of mirrors         Lucky dog! You dog! he decides it doesn't matter         O yes he does! O yes he does! if he dies. He slaps down the feather. The Joker pulls the trigger.         Swing batter! Splatter it!                 You know he does!
Matthias Regan lives in Chicago & is a founding member of the Next Objectivist Poetry Workshop. A collection of harmolodic essays is forthcoming from VAC.