sarah webb | let there be light

In this story, there was sun from the beginning always and only now and ever shall be but ecstasy too can pall and grass cannot always be growing. When men stood up and could speak, more than cattle give tongue or wolves howl, they complained of thirst and heat and the blowing dust. They lay in the shadow of big rocks and refused to do anything. Don’t want to work up a sweat, they said. The children cried, I’m tired, I’m hot, it’s glittery! and their parents said, yeah, we didn’t want to say so, but really! At last the god thought better of it and he drew from his shadow night, said sleep, said, all right then. But even then those folks complained. We’re not ready to go to bed, it’s boring, can you tell us a story? So he gave them dreams.
lightSarah Webb is not presently teaching any classes after her retirement from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, and she just resigned as Poetry and Fiction Editor for Crosstimbers. She is still a co-editor of Just This, the Zen arts magazine for the Austin Zen Center, but presently is feeling free. She’s on the road until September, her poetry collection Black is coming out this summer from Virtual Artists Collective, and the world feels new. Her website is