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johnie catfish | ghost stories

( Visions create psychosis, psychosis creates visions. Psychiatrist’s mantra) When you see a ghost Try not to become bewildered Unsure of whether or not It is real or just imagined. They don’t appreciate Your disbelief or indecision. Be afraid or not afraid, But always be polite. Try not to tell the ghosts What they are, Who they are, Or why they are. They don’t care. They want to know What you are, Who you are, And why you are. Don’t try to tell them. They know you don’t know.
catfish-photoJ. C. Mahan, Johnie Catfish, is a poet, hairstylist, potter in Edmond , Ok. He has 6 kids, 7.5 grandkids, 8 peacocks, 25 geese, 50 chickens, 3 ducks, 3 dogs, 6 cats, 1 turkey and 1 pot-belly pig. He has self published 5 books of free verse and has had several poems and sketches published in local journals. He believes life is all about partisapation.